Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bundle Of Joy

I made this layout of my sweet granddaughter Ava using a Let's Scrap sketch. She turned 2 weeks old today but the photo's were taken when she was a week old.  It is so much  fun getting to finally use some of my Prima Flowers, bling and pretty pink papers. Having had two sons and a grandson I don't often get the chance to make any girly pages.

The papers I used are from CTMH's Sophia line and all the flowers are all made by Prima. The title I cut using my Cricut and the border and separate butterflies were made using Martha Stewart punches.  I used some stickles on the butterflies to make them stand out and also added some pearls to them.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Precious Granddaughter Has Arrived.

     My precious Granddaughter Ava, arrived on June 14, 2011 at 12.58 am and weighed 7lbs 15oz.  I can't believe I finally have a little girl that I can scrapbook about.  Here's a picture of the first time I got to hold her.

     There are sure to be lots of layouts about her but until I get enough photo's of her to scrap I thought I would share this one with you.  I did this for the Design Team Challenge at Let's Scrap. We had to do a layout with someone elses handwriting on it. So I chose to do one with a note from my Mom to all her children.

     My Mom had an old journal that she would periodically write in.  As far as I knew she only used it to keep track of  medications she was on, dates repairs were done on the house, how she was feeling etc.  After she passed away I got the journal and I found out that it held so much more then everyday life events.  There are little notes about each of her children and some of her grandchildren.  It might just be a couple of lines about one of our weddings and how pretty it was, or how proud she was of her youngest child's graduation from college but you could feel her love in every note she wrote.  On the very last page of the journal she wrote "Love to my children always, you have been a joy to my life. God Bless You All ways(sp) Mother."  Finding this note after she had passed away meant so much to me.  She obviously hoped that we would some day find the journal and wanted us to know just how much she loved us.
     My father passed away when the youngest children were 2 1/2 and 4 years old and I was 13.  We never had a photo taken of Mom, Dad and all 6 children.  In 1995 we had a photo taken of my siblings and myself and gave it to my Mom for her 70th birthday.  That Christmas my sister Ardell  had our Mom and Dads pictures inserted into a copy of the photo. She had to change it to a  black and white photo because we didn't have many photo's of Dad that were in color.  This photo is very precious to all of us.  In 1986 Mom wrote in her journal "The families seem to be doing well and I am very proud of all of them.  Its sad Frank can't be here to see how great our children turned out"
     There wasn't room to add all the notes to the layout so I put some of the more special ones on tags that I tucked under the photo's on the first page.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


     I have always wanted to do a Book of Me (BOM) album.   There are so many things I wish I knew about my parents and grandparents and now with them all gone I will never know them.  My children aren't very interested in hearing my  "I remember when"  stories right now but hopefully they or my grandchildren will wonder about  it someday.  I may not still be around to be able to answer their questions so I want to make an album now that will fill them in on my childhood, things I enjoyed, how my husband and I met etc.
     I have decided to start a group over at Let's Scrap so anyone who was interested in doing a book about themselves could join in..  I'm calling the group Book About Me (BAM) because it made made more sense to me then Book of Me.   I want to make it as easy as possible so every month I will post two different themes or topics to help us create a page about our lives.  Members can do one of them, both of them, or none of them what ever they wish to do that month! If they don’t get a chance to do a challenge the month it’s posted, or if someone is new to the group, they can go back and do ones they missed. Hopefully with all of us sharing idea's and supporting each other we will be able to get some pages done for our albums.

 Here are the two topics I posted this month

What’s in a name? – There are many ways you could scrap about your name.
  1. Tell us why you were named after someone else?
  2. What is your name’s definition?  
  3. Explain why you like or dislike your name.
  4. Do you go by your second name, why?
  5. Use the letter’s of your name to make words that describe you.
  6. Scrap about the nicknames you have had.
BAM#2 What is your earliest memory.
Some things that you might remember from when you were little could be
  1. When a sibling was born.
  2. When you started school.
  3. Books your parents read to you as a toddler.
  4. Going on a vacation or visiting a special person.
 I decided to the What's In a Name challenge first. To me my name Betty Anne is very easy name, but I have had trouble all my life with people either calling me Betty or Bet or spelling it wrong.  So that's what I wrote about in my journaling.

     If you're interested in working on a book about your self why don't you join us over at Let's Scrap.  It's an amazing group that not only has lots of  one and two page scrapbook sketches and cards sketches each month but also several great groups you can join in on too.   I hope that you will check it out.
     The next time I post I hopefully will be a grandmother of a new little granddaughter.  Katie is going in to be induced on Monday so the little one should arrive that day or the next.  While his Mommy and Daddy are busy at the hospital my grandson Jacob is going to come stay with Grandpa and I.  So there should be lots of chances for fun photo's and new layouts.

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