Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jacob's Birthday Party

I just realized I never got around to posting my Grandson, Jacob's 1st birthday layouts. I used one of Cheri's sketches over at Let's Scrap to do both of the layouts although I did change things up some.
Here is the sketch

Jacob and his parents live in an apartment so they came over here to have his party because there was more room. His Great Grandparents, Aunts, Uncle, his best friend and her Dad all made it to the party as will has his Grandpa and I.
Kate, his Mom, and I had both bought the same scrapbook paper for his party pictures. Kate decided to use the ones she got to make his decorations which worked out nice as they matched the paper in the layout. She had made him a banner so instead of making a new one, as the sketch called for, I just blew up the picture of the one she made and cut it out for the banner.
Here is the layout

This next layout was done from pictures taken the same day. My hubby, Jacob's Grandfather, happened to be at a garage sale the morning of the party and found this motorized jeep. Although Jacob isn't near old enough to drive it yet Grandpa just couldn't resist picking it up for him. Jacob and his little friend Katie had a great time playing around in it.
I used the same sketch as above but I also used it for the Blog Hop over at Carolina's blog in which we were to use one of here traveling quotes on a layout.

That's all for today, Happy Scrapping.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sunshine Award

A few days ago, a very sweet lady presented me with the Sunshine Award. I have been so busy working on all the challenges that I haven't had a chance to post about it so I wanted to do that now

The sweet lady was Denise who I met in one of my yahoo groups and we became fast friends. She is so good to always check my blog and leave me sweet comments and this is the second time she has passed on an award to me. I love visiting Denise's blog Lala's World She has such wonderful layouts and cards and I just love hearing all about her two little munchkins Nick and Lara. You should go and visit her, I know you won't be disappointed.

Okay so the rules of the award are to send the award to 12 blogger's who brighten your day. I follow several blogs so it was hard to narrow it down but here are the ones that I picked.

The first two are ladies I met in the Yahoo group "Scrapbooking Classes" and they just started blogging. They are doing such a great job and I enjoy going to visit their blogs. Please go visit them and give them a little of your love. The last 10 are the ladies from the Let's Scrap blog hop. I originally became a follower of their blogs because I had to in order to compete in their blog hop but I have continued following them because I love their blogs. They definitely brighten my day when I go to see them. So without further ado here is my list of the 12

1. Mary - Mary's Scrapping and Stamping
2. LeAnn - LeAnn Creates
3. Susan - Paper Daisy Dreams
4. Cori - Creative Chat
5. Deb - Sendable Sentiments
7. Sally - Sally's Challenge Chatter
8. Rosalie - Fivetulips/5 Tulps
9. Scarlett - Scarlett's Scrapoirs
10. Carolina - Scrapping Nomad
11. Nana - Younique Reflections
12. Kristie - Scrappy Days

I really hope that you will go to visit all these wonderful ladies so that they can brighten your day to.

Hope your week is starting out great and Happy Scrapping.

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I'm So Excited I Won

As you all know I have been participating in all the NSD events over at Let's Scrap One of the events was a blog hop. There were 10 members of the Design Team who were having challenges on their blogs and if you did the challenge you got your name in to win a prize. If you completed all of the blog challenges then you also got your name in for the big prize. I WON the big prize which was a $50 gift certificate for A Cherry On Top I was super surprized that I won and so excited about it. I have been over to ACOT and looking at all of the great scrapbooking things they sell and still haven't decided what I will use my gift certificate for because they have so much to choose from.

If you like to scrap and are interested in doing challenges then Let's Scrap is the place you should go. I love all the layout sketches Cheri does esecially because they are for two page layouts. It's seldom that you can find a sketch for a 2 pager. Kimmy does card sketches once a month and although my first love is doing layouts I am really starting to enjoy card making to. This is the 3rd prize I have won since starting with the group last month, isn't that amazing. They had tons of challenges all through May and I hear they has something special going on in June also. So why don't you go and check them out, I know you won't be sorry.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Never thought I would do it

As a scrapper I'm sure you have done tons of layouts about your children, grandchildren, husband, friends or trips. But have you ever scrapped about yourself. It's a very hard thing to do.

I have been wanting to do a Book Of Me but never thought I would finally get around to it. This is an album about yourself, your childhood, teen years, favorite things, etc. There are a number of reason why I have thought about doing this

First would be that my father passed away when I was only 13 and had been sick for a few years before that so I never got to talk to him about his early life. I have been able over the years to talk to a few people who knew him and get bits of information but still I would have liked to have heard it from him.

My Mother lived until she was 78 but to her, her life was boring. She couldn't see why anyone would be interested in hearing about anything she might have done when she was a child, teen or her early married life. It was only shortly before she passed away that she told me a few stories, but I would have loved to have heard many more.

I have been researching my family tree since shortly after my fathers passing and have been able to get some stories about my Great Grandparents and my Grandparents coming to Canada. I cherish those stories and love to scrap about them. If you would like to see a layout I did about my Great Grandmother you can find it here and my Great Grandfather's is here. Being able to tell something about there life makes them so much more real to me.

So when I came across some information a while back about doing a Book of Me I thought it was something I would like to do. It's not because I have had a real interesting life either because I haven't. It's so that my children and grandchildren will get to know a little about me. I don't want them later on wondering about the things I loved or hated, things I did as a kid, what class was my favorite in school or any of that. I want them to know all about me just in case I'm not around when they're ready to ask questions

So all that being said I finally got around to doing a couple of layouts about me. Both of them I did for challenges over at Let's Scrap The first one is my introduction page for my book. It's called Pieces Of Me and I used jigsaw puzzle piece shapes to cut out pictures of myself from very young to now (getting old lol) I also listed a few of the roles I have. I have put several butterflies on the layout because they have special meaning to me and I used pink as the main color because it is my favorite color. I had a few extra pictures so added them in as well but not real pleased with their placement so may change them around a bit before I put the pages in my album. The poem I found quite a while back and have no idea where. I have tried to find out who wrote it but have not had any luck finding it again. So if you recognize it please let me know so I can five credit to who ever wrote it. So here it is

The next layout also has pictures of me and I'm doing my favorite thing - Scrapbooking at a crop at my LSS - Memory Lane. Because I was so busy doing a bunch of challenges I didn't get around to doing the second page but will get at it when things settle down some. Part of the challenge was to put a quote on the page. I used "Scrapbooking is a work of heart". Which I am sure is true for all of us that scrap. If you take a close look you will see one of Cheri's, from Let's Scrap, fantastic sketches in front of me.

So now I have a start on my Book of Me album. Hopefully I will get a chance to do more pages soon. I have so many things I want to scrap about and I want to work some more on my Heritage album so I guess I better end this long blog entry and get back to scrapping.

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend, Happy Scrapping.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

I Have Been So Busy Scrapping

Wow I have been so busy scrapping I haven't had a chance to do any blogging, lol. So I'm going to show you a couple of layouts and a card I made.
The card was made for another Let's Scrap NSD challenge which was to decorate a card with a basket and to also decorate the inside of the card. Last year I found at a garage sale a dresser scarf that had two beautiful baskets of flowers made of ribbon on them. When I saw it I knew I wanted to use it some how in my scrapbooking. So I used one of the Baskets of flower's for the front of the card and then another design on the dresser scarf for the inside. I really like how it turned out

I also made a couple of layouts for the blog hop. The first one I used for Nana's challenge which was to use a Let's Scrap Sketch and do some sewing on it and I also used it for Kristie's challenge which was to use Green and Yellow in the layout.

The picture is of my two boys when they were 4 and 1 1/2, so was taken about 21 years ago. It was always one of my favorite pics of them.
The next layout has my favorite picture of my grandson when he was 3 months. He just had his first birthday a few days ago. I combined a couple of the challenges together for this one also.
The first one was for Rosalie's blog which was to scraplift something from a layout that was done quite sometime ago on Let's Scrap. The other challenge came from Scarlette's blog and it was to do the layout using Monocromatic. This is the second time I've tried a monocromatic layout and it was a little easier this time around.

Will I guess I better get back to my scrapping table. I still have 3 more layouts to do for the blog hop (hmm wonder if I can combine them all into one), also the weekly sketch and weekly challenge on lets scrap and have to have everything done by Thursday night. So I think I'm going to be a very busy lady for a few more days.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Man's Best Friends

I did this layout for two challenges this time. One is the Design Team Challenge and we were to use at least four different things with our layout titles. I used different colors and sizes for the letters, I put metal bones on a couple of the letters, the word best is on a bone made from cork, sparkles on the word friends and distress crackle on the word Man's. It's hard to see the crackle but it is there. Can't say I was real impressed with it but might like it better if I used it on something else.
The second challenge was for the Let's Scrap Blog Hop. Cori had us use quotation marks on the layout and something metal. Why not go over and check out her blog called Creative Chat
Here is the layout

The pictures are of my husband and our two Jack Russels mixes. A couple of years ago our dog passed away while our Son was in hospital after his accident. Jason was quite upset about the loss of his beloved pet. We decided to get another dog but I didn't want a puppy as we were still having to make daily trips to the hospital and even when Jason was home I would be busy with his care so wouldn't have time to train a new puppy. When we heard that a lady had a couple of 7 year old Jack Russels that she wanted to get rid of we decided to go see them. We really weren't wanting two dogs but when we met them we fell in love so both made the trip home with us. They are a brother and sister but are very different in looks and temperment. Harley the male has the markings of a Jack Russel and is very outgoing. He likes to sleep in our bed but must be completly covered up. He is very outgoing. Daisy the female is mostly white and is very timid. She is afraid of her own shadow, lol. Both dogs have been well trained, know some tricks and seem to understand everything you say to them. They are very loving and well behaved. They love to snuggle with my husband when ever he watches TV. One of them is always on his lap and often both of them will be there.

Hope you are having a great week.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring In B.C.

Last year my husband and I went out to British Columbia to meet our Grandson for the first time. My son and family lived in an a apartment complex in White Rock, B.C. The owners of the apartment rented out some of their empty apartments to visiter's and we were lucky enough to be able to get one of them on the ground floor. The patio doors opened up into a beautiful garden. There was nothing more relaxing then sitting out their amongst the beautiful flowers. The pictures in the layout were taken in that garden. I was amazed at the large variety of flowers that bloom in the spring in British Columbia.
Here is a layout I did of the garden

Hope you enjoyed the layout.

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Card I Made for the Blog Hop

As I was saying in my post yesterday I am competing in a blog hop put on by Let's Scrap. Today I did blog hop challenge over at Deb's blog Check out her blog to read all about the requirements for the card.
Here was the card I made

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's Scrap NSD Blog Hop

As you all know I have been having so much fun doing challenges at Let's Scrap What you may not know is that Let's Scrap is celebrating National Scrapbooking Day all month with many different challenges. One of the things happening is a Design Team Blog Hop going on from May 7th - 21st. There are 10 Let's Scrap design team members who have challenges on their blog and at the end of the two weeks each blog will put the name of everyone who completed the challenge in the hat and draw for a prize. Not only that but if you complete all ten of the challenges you can have your name put in a draw to win a $50 gift certificate from Cherry On Top Scrapbook Store. Now how cool is that. But in order to have a chance to win any of these prizes you have to be a member of Let's Scrap because that is where your layouts and Cards will be uploaded to. You also have to be come a follower of each of the ladies blogs. So if you are interested in having a ton of fun and meeting some wonderful friendly, ladies then hop on over to Let's Scrap and find out all about it.

The challenge for Blog Hop #1 came from Susan's Blog Paper Daisy Dreams Here Is what Susan had to say about her challenge.
"I love shoes, I love purses, I love shopping. And today as I was contemplating what to do for my part of the challenge I received an email from a nationally known shoe store. The minute I saw this advertisement I knew two things.....1. I have to go get those purple sandals AND the bag, and 2. this would be the inspiration for my challenge. Sooo, having said that your challenge is a two-parter: Create a layout based on this Let's Scrap sketch...."

"and using this advertisement for color inspiration. (Aren't those purple shoes too cute? HAHA!)"

So here is my entry for Blog Hop #1

This beautiful young lady is my future DIL and she LOVES purses and shoes. She was nice enough to let me take a picture of her with just a small number of them. She has lots more but they are packed away while renovations are being done on the house.

I hope you liked the layout and I hopefully will have several more to share with you as I hop from blog to blog. I also am working on some other challenges that Let's Scrap are having so I will share them with you as I finish them.

I hope everyone enjoyed Mothers Day.

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

When I grow up I want to be a little boy.....

Here is another layout I did for a Let's Scrap Challenge.

The pictures are of my oldest son Andrew playing in the park when he was 2, 4 and 22. I was having a problem coming up with a title for it so asked some folks in my Heritage Scrapbooking group for some suggestions. As always they came through for me. There were two I really liked and couldn't decide between them so used them both.
Elaine sent me "When I grow up I want to be a little boy..."- by Joseph Heller and Gail sent me "Nothing changes the handprints just get higher" author unknown. Aren't they just the greatest quotes. Thank you to Sharon and Cyndie for your great quotes also. You Gals are the best.

Hope you like the layout.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Little Monkey

I really enjoyed making this layout. I am going to submit it for two challenges. The first one is to Lets Scrap for their sketch of the week. The other one is to Practical Scrappers.

A while back I met a lady in one of my yahoo groups. Denise and I became fast friends and have been following each others blogs. I love the layouts that Denise makes. If you would like to check them out the you can find her blog here

Denise just became a Design Team member for Practical Scrappers so I thought I would check it out. What a great site and they have amazing layouts and cards that their team members submits. They also have fun challenges that you can submit layouts or cards for. I noticed that this weeks challenge is using stickers. Will it just so happens that the layout I just finished has lots of stickers so thought I might as well submit it.

Here is a close up of the 1st page

and the 2nd page

The colors in the 3rd picture are much closer to the real colors in the layout. Not sure whats going on with my camera lately but the colors have been off.

The layout is of my little Grandson Jacob and the monkey is the first gift I gave him when he was born. The shirt he is wearing has the See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil monkeys so his little monkey was nice enough to pose in those positions for me, LOL. I took pictures of the monkey, cut them out and then pop dotted them. The stickers and the striped paper are the Monkey Business line from Reminisce. The bananas paper came from some I had from sock monkey paper but I'm not sure who makes it. I don't usually use stickers but I really liked these ones. The vines let me shape them a bit so I could get them to go where I wanted them to go. The leaves were separate so I could add them where ever I wanted. The title, goin' Bananas, monkey crazy and separate bananas are from the Monkey Business set also.

I hope you all liked the layout.

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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Three New Layouts To Share

I took part in my first National Scrapbook Day and had a fantastic time. Most of this weekend I was busy working on challenges for my favorite group at Lets Scrap. For the first challenge we were given two sketches to do layout with. Here is the first sketch and here is the layout I did for it The picture is an engagement picture of my youngest son Jason and his fiance Amy. I used the SEI paper Juliette for this challenge. Don't you just love that line.

The other sketch was this one and for this sketch I did this layout This is my son Andrew who is almost 25 but was only 3 at the time. Wasn't he a cutie.

The last layout I did is actually for two challenges over at Lets Scrap. One of the challenges was called "Its all in the numbers" and we were given a sketch to follow and the number of buttons, patterned paper etc that we were to use. I figured I might as will kill two birds with one stone (so to speak) so I also was did the layout for a challenge to do a monochromatic layout. For anyone who has never heard of this it is using all the same color to complete the layout. So here is the sketch and here is my layout

The pictures are of my Son Andrew and his beautiful girlfriend Katie. They were taking a gondola ride up Whistler Mountain in British Columbia. The reason the pictures were so close was because Andrew was actually taking the pictures by holding the camera away from him. I picked to use blue to make the layout to bring out their beautiful blue eyes and the blue shirt Andrew is wearing. Although it is a little hard to see in the picture the title and some of the border were done with blue and white sky paper.

I really had a hard time doing this layout. I found it to hard to try and find several different blues that went together. Although I'm glad to have learned a new technique I don't think I will be making to many monochromatic layouts.

For any of you who have been following my blog you will notice that I always do two page layouts. I can't just do one side because to me it wouldn't look right when I put it in my album. So expect to see some layouts to go with these ones in the near future.

I hope all of you had a great National Scrapbook Day, I know I did.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Give away from Studio Calico

I hope everyone is having a fantastic National Scrapbooking Day. I have been very busy today entering challenges at Lets Scrap
I still have a few to do before tomorrow night and then hopefully I will have a chance to show you some of what I did.

I just wanted to take a second to tell you about a contest Studio Calico is having. They are giving away 2 free - 6 month subscriptions. What you have to do is go to Studio Calico and register. Once you have done that then go to this link and tell them I referred you (my user name there is Bettyanne and then give your name. If your post is drawn we can both win a free 6 month subscription. The contest ends tomorrow night (Sunday, May 2nd) so don't miss out.

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